World Book Day: The Joy of Reading Italian Books


World Book Day: The Joy of Reading Italian Books

World Book Day: The Joy of Reading Italian Books (with our Book Club)

World Book Day seems to be the perfect day to think about Italian books and ways to use them for a good purpose.

If you have sometimes thought you could brush up your Italian – the language of your ancestors perhaps, or maybe the one you chose to study at college, or that musical tongue so well pronounced by one of your friends – then it is high time books came to form part of your life.

Italian books, to be precise or rather, books written in Italian.

Let us think of Italian history: authors such as Maria Bellonci have masterfully depicted power struggles over the peninsula in 14th through 16th century, giving readers unforgettable portraits of the Gonzaga, the Visconti and the Este families, active in central-northern Italy, who shaped the political and cultural scenario of the country. As we move southward, Elena Ferrante‘s novels bring us the flair of post-war Naples and the changes in Italian society up to the new millennium. Finally, we approach Sicily and a masterpiece comes to mind, Il Gattopardo (The Leopard), by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, made immortal by Luchino Visconti’s film.

Italy is also known as the land of romance, so much so that in Elizabeth Strout’s novel Anything is possible, one of the characters moves to Italy to live with the man she loves – an Italian gentleman, as it were.

Finally, Italy is home to art: when in Italy, you stumble on art at every corner of every town, and reading Italian books makes the experience all the more vivid and real.

Feel like joining an Italian book club?

Come on board with us and meet your fellow readers; and if you wish you knew a little more Italian to engage in the conversation, just contact me: my background is in Literature and Language, and as a trained teacher, I shall be more than glad to assist you in your learning progress.

I look forward to your news!


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    1. On a second thought I have realized I should have answered you in English; therefore thank you for your kindness and your encouraging words, sharing books with readers like you is a great pleasure and a true learning experience. Hugs!

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